Render Cleaning/ Soft Washing


A newly rendered building looks great and is often sold maintenance free, however the reality is within a few years algae often appears on the render making it look old and dirty. Some companies will suggest painting the surface but this is costly and unnecessary. You cannot use high pressure water to clean render as this will damage the surface.

We can remove mold, mildew and algae using low pressure cleaning methods with a combination of environmentally responsible cleaning chemicals to make your building look like new again without damaging the render. The cleaning process not only cleans and restores but also treats the surface killing off growth spores and helping to prevent regrowth keeping your building cleaner for longer

Our soft washing process can also be used on sandstone, brick, concrete, painted surfaces, cladding, roofs and more. 

Health & Safety is of high importance and most tasks can be completed from the ground using a water fed pole system reducing risk to both the operator and the public. 


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